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Nude & Natural

My lazy Sunday turned into a lazy Monday… I’ll just blame it on the rain, yeah yeaaah.
April 2010 Elle Canada kept me preoccupied all afternoon.  There are such inspiring things going on in fashion right now it’s hard to imagine not having your eye pick up on something a shoe, a bag, a dress, that you have hanging in your closet right now.  The great thing about Spring trends is that no matter how innovative designers are, there are undeniable trends that the everyday consumer has loved in the past and will continue to love year after year.  Spring lines that sell well to the masses are typically romantic in theme, feminine visually and un-complicated in construction.      Flipping through the magazines, here’s what I’m loving:
All Things Natural:  Colors: caramel, tawny, tan, bronze, oak, BROWN.  Materials: Wood, cork, leather, meshed fabrics.  

Natural (s)hue- Aldo


All Nude Everything: Colors: nude obvi, off- whites, blush rose, soft greys, silky silvers, sand.  Materials: lux fabrics..Suede.

Wrap Shoes from H&M VanCity


Charts and Graphs: Colors: hmmm I’d say stick to 2 colors like black and white but tie die is in so do watevs! Materials: Also, anything goes; more flattering look is in the fit, in the fit.

Arch shoes from TOPSHOP, NYC

 Unless you suffer from major body fluctuations, chances are you probably have been the roughly the same size as you were a few years ago- which means, chances are you have elements of these lucious seasonal trends sitting in your closet or tucked away in your summer wardrobe box.  In the spirit of the Easter Egg Hunts, treat yourself to your own little couture hunt! hehe You’ll be surprised trust me. 

My purse strings just got a lock and combo put a few days ago..on account of a major Euro trip about a month away!! I’ve been tempted and will continued to be but I must remember all the amazing treasures awaiting me overseas.  The last purchase until my trip were a pair of cat-eye sunnies in a brown speckle print… for $5.60… yaaaa how could I not?! Thank you Mainstreet!  Back to my point: waste not, want not.


~Frank Fierce

Color Confidence

“Vancity men  This one’s for you!!
Color integration into any wardrobe can be a challenge for the fiercest of the fierce, this I know. But rather than finding yourself in a color rut, I suggest taking this challenge on with a sense of adventure and play. 
Work this Saturday was slow to say the least.  To pass the time, we decided a little game of  “I spy” would be fun.  It wasn’t.  While I do my share of people watching, outfit analysis etc. I never realized how much of a color rut some VanCity’s finest gents are in!! Shame shame double shame. In  fact, a friend came in with his pal visiting from Japan.  After some banter, Tommy asked me to help him shop for some Spring/Summer pieces.  I replied: “We all know you can pull of every shade of blue, green, grey, purples heck I’m sure you rock salmon… it’s pink by the way, call it pink.  You know what really goes well with salmon? A nice squeeze of lemon… or any citrus fruit for that matter. How about burnt orange? Or blood orange?”   I walked away knowing full well I had managed to confuse at least 4/5 fellows at that table.  Satisfied temporarily at having stumped them, I have now decided to reveal what will be this Spring/Summer color to conquer– CITRUS CITY.
If you have light to medium skin/hair, richer shades of citrus colors are best. Stick to simple patterns that don’t enter a room before you do.  The lighter you go, you run the risk of washing yourself out- which in guys terms means your hair/skin tones will match too much with that of the shirt, giving you a mono-tone appearance… Not good. 
Slightly tanned, to darker complections- you can play around a bit more with shades in terms of pastels and bolder patterns.
Citrus City 101

Burnt Orange

Color: Burnt Orange

Color: Burnt Orange


Canary Yellow

Color: Canary Yellow

Color: Canary Yellow- subtle

Need a personal color-consult? Let me know!
Stay fresh gents,
-Frank Fierce

Trend Spotter: Sandal- Sock Chic?

For as long as Clinton Kelly and Stacy London have been my personal fashion gurus, I have known that sandals and socks are a big “no no!” This cardinal rule runs along side the fashion PhoPa likes such as tapered pants, camel toe and muffin top.  Now I never thought I’d see the day when sandals and socks where the next big trend!  Well never say never especially when it comes to fashion. 

I was thumbing through March 2010 Elle Canada when my f-hawk (fashion hawk) eye spotted it.  I admit I let out a bit of a gasp that set some sharp glares my way from my peers in my Marketing class.  I had to see more.  Whipped open my laptop, googled and this is what I found: 

Burberry Sandals & Socks


Sandals and Socks?!


Trend Spotter: S&S


Picture from Runwaydaily


On a side note: The first thing that came to mind was a song I learned to play on my clarinet in elementary school “Black socks they never get dirty the longer you wear them the blacker they get!”  The next stream of thoughts were like a polarode images flipping through my memory of where I had seen this before… Clueless, Harajuku, China and when I was around 10 my mother would have me wear crisp white socks with lacey- trimmed tops or some sort of ribbon, bobble piece with my white sandals during an easter egg hunt at my church.  I won’t even comment on the floral fru fru dress that brought me to a furry of tom-boy tears. 

Apart from my horrifying memories of all the sandal and sock images I have witnessed in my life time, I have decided to take my own advice and be a fierce fashion crusader.  I shall embark on a sock-shopping mission to H&M and Claires and will attempt to pull this trend off this weekend while “on the scene.”  

Stay tuned for images of Frank taking a swig of her own meds.  Hope it’s sweet! 

-Frank Fierce 



Frank’s Pick- A John with steeze

Frank’s Pick of the Week

Gastown Street Style

Frank: You’d sooner die without….?
Jon: A fresh pair of old school custom kicks… Either Adidas shell toes in bright colors (my blue with 3 yellow stripes) Or my fesh pair of Nike Airmax in fushia and turquoise.
Frank: I’m quoting you!!
Jon: Whaat?

Jon On the Scene


Stylin Stylin Stylin

“I don’t really follow a lot of trends, I see things then think of ways to remix them in my head and make my own version… “
Intentionally or not, my pick of the week most def rocks the latest styles and trends in men’s fashion.  The big difference here (Johns and Bettys out there take note) is that it’s NEVER tacky, over- done and forced.  Not an easy feat. Whether you have a natural steeze and instincts or you haven’t a clue, the cardinal rule is SHOP IN MORE THAN 1 STORE. 
ya as a owner of a high-end clothing store,  I still get alot of help with the ladies stuff from private designers in the US. I’m working on it haha.  But I hand pick the styles we bring in for the mens wear- names like CK, RL, Kors, DKNY, Jack Victor… but I can see the value in shopping around to make it your own.”   Visit JONATHAN’S 6551 No. 3 Road Richmond Centre. Hey shameless plug or not, it’s SO worth the drive.
IMO this whole concept of a “1 stop shop” will have you looking like a “1 trick pony.” Doesn’t matter how amazing the selection, to get this authentic street vibe, do as this John does… “I shop ALL OVER THE PLACE…”
Frank: Btw where do u shop
Jon: …all over the place, Holts being a big part.  But I love Urban Outfitter on Granville. Even Zara on Robson Street…. Boys Co. dadada
Frank: Excellente
Jon: There is also this hipster place called J2.. it’s like hiphop/skater/trendy.
Frank: Just like you.
Never disregard the power a little (or a sh*tload in Jon’s case) of confidence can do.  It seriously can take you from wall flower to spot-light king in no time.  As my mom always said “Chin up, tummy in, tits out aaaaaand smiiiiiiile!!”
Stay fresh Johns and Bettys!!
~Frank Fierce

“The Bee’s Knee’s Fashion Show” Review

“Calling all Daddies and Dames! Escape into the dark side of the 1920’s at the Speakeasy Fashion Show Party..” And boy oh boy did they deliver!

Mar BCITMA board member

A super last minute invite from a fashionisto, and we made our way to Granville’s Republic Club.  By 9pm the joint was packed, atmosphere hyped up and the crowd buzzing with anticipation.

To my surprise, the crowd was a  mix  of BCIT, UBC and CapU students.  The $10 tix gave us a bird’s-eye view, 2 cocktails and 2 shooters.  Now these guys know how to get a crowd in the mood for a stellar night. Definitely No Prohibition!

Promptly at 9:35pm the lights dimmed, Ella Fitzgerald filled the room and the show began- STRONG.  The first model captivated every single person in the club!!

Show Opener

This pic doesn’t do it justice- but take it from me, this was a stunner!  What a great take on the LBD (little black dress); Sequined, one shoulder, A-lined finish (all very typical of the era) but with the added fuchsia flounce!! SHUT UP. Talk about a balance between inspired and not trying to re-invent the wheel… haha like adding spinners to the wheel.

These next gowns took the glam factor up a notch with intricate bust-line detailing, lux satin fabric and lovely lady hats. (aheeeeem people… 2010 year of the hat!!)

Emerald Madam

Black & Butterscotch Gown

A quick song change initiated the next wave of garments.  This collection took us through the closet of the modern-day flapper.  The bright colors and use of nude underlay gave the impression of barely there frocks that were topped off perfectly with pin curls and feathered head bands- all to the sounds of Chicago’s “And all that Jazz.”

Flapper Girl

The finale was by far my fav.  All the standout garments made their way out for one last applause and snap shots from the string of paparazzi. This image left a strong impression of a well thought out theme that was executed flawlessly.  It was fun, bright, sexy and glamorous.  As a whole, it was costume-e, but with a little vision, pieces from all collections could easily EASILY be worn everyday.  The show left me wanting more.

The designers (as listed on the invite) were Emily Heaps (Kwantlen), Meagan Squire (Kwantlen), Annching Wang (BCIT), Karsten Ergetowski (Kwantlen), JYstar Apparel, Damsel in Dis Dress, Dream, True Value Vintage Clothing. BCITMA did a fantastic job not only organizing this event, but creating an event that showcased Vancouver’s up & coming designers and models.  This city may be small in comparsion to fashion capitals like NYC, London and Toronto but we are definately NOT void of talent and vision.

On a side note: I’ve just been invited to the year end show in April and I can’t wait 🙂

Fierceness witnessed!! I am inspired. Bravo.

~Frank Fierce

Frank’s Pick- Peeps With Steeze

This week’s picks for steezey Vancity kids!! 


Ashely H

  Her style is all about modern construction, clean lines and always quality first.  She is effortless.  Wanna look like her? A great place to start is Aritzia located all over the city-find romantic blouses, modern skirts, boyfriend blazers and basics galor…  and a favorite of mine- One of Few for great bags and those one-of-a- kind pieces that will outlast the test of time. 


King Will

 A Whistler native, Will’s style varies depending on the day; you might see him shredding in bright, 80’s synthpop gear and a few hours later, rocking a tux with a vintage bow-tie, jeans and obvi a neon green toque.  His style is a mix of boy- shredder meets city gentlemen. If Frank was a dude, I’d dress just like him.  Wanna look like him-  Second Wave North Vancouver skate and surf shop and Retro Rock Vintage Clothing on Davie OR Commercial Drive for things your pops wore, like elbow patched blazers ohhhh yaaaa.   

There you have it people 🙂

Note: This is an ongoing series so if you’re fierce enough- you might just end up on my pick list. I’ll be watching (muahahaa ) I kid I kid.. But yah props to you VanCity boys and girls rocking the your own style fiercely- Stay tunned for next weeks picks.

Lots o love people,


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