Trend Spotter: Sandal- Sock Chic?

For as long as Clinton Kelly and Stacy London have been my personal fashion gurus, I have known that sandals and socks are a big “no no!” This cardinal rule runs along side the fashion PhoPa likes such as tapered pants, camel toe and muffin top.  Now I never thought I’d see the day when sandals and socks where the next big trend!  Well never say never especially when it comes to fashion. 

I was thumbing through March 2010 Elle Canada when my f-hawk (fashion hawk) eye spotted it.  I admit I let out a bit of a gasp that set some sharp glares my way from my peers in my Marketing class.  I had to see more.  Whipped open my laptop, googled and this is what I found: 

Burberry Sandals & Socks


Sandals and Socks?!


Trend Spotter: S&S


Picture from Runwaydaily


On a side note: The first thing that came to mind was a song I learned to play on my clarinet in elementary school “Black socks they never get dirty the longer you wear them the blacker they get!”  The next stream of thoughts were like a polarode images flipping through my memory of where I had seen this before… Clueless, Harajuku, China and when I was around 10 my mother would have me wear crisp white socks with lacey- trimmed tops or some sort of ribbon, bobble piece with my white sandals during an easter egg hunt at my church.  I won’t even comment on the floral fru fru dress that brought me to a furry of tom-boy tears. 

Apart from my horrifying memories of all the sandal and sock images I have witnessed in my life time, I have decided to take my own advice and be a fierce fashion crusader.  I shall embark on a sock-shopping mission to H&M and Claires and will attempt to pull this trend off this weekend while “on the scene.”  

Stay tuned for images of Frank taking a swig of her own meds.  Hope it’s sweet! 

-Frank Fierce 



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