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Primark, Phone box, Straw Hat

 When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  When in London, get yourself to PRIMARK right quick. Continue reading


Frank’s Pick- A John with steeze

Frank’s Pick of the Week

Gastown Street Style

Frank: You’d sooner die without….?
Jon: A fresh pair of old school custom kicks… Either Adidas shell toes in bright colors (my blue with 3 yellow stripes) Or my fesh pair of Nike Airmax in fushia and turquoise.
Frank: I’m quoting you!!
Jon: Whaat?

Jon On the Scene


Stylin Stylin Stylin

“I don’t really follow a lot of trends, I see things then think of ways to remix them in my head and make my own version… “
Intentionally or not, my pick of the week most def rocks the latest styles and trends in men’s fashion.  The big difference here (Johns and Bettys out there take note) is that it’s NEVER tacky, over- done and forced.  Not an easy feat. Whether you have a natural steeze and instincts or you haven’t a clue, the cardinal rule is SHOP IN MORE THAN 1 STORE. 
ya as a owner of a high-end clothing store,  I still get alot of help with the ladies stuff from private designers in the US. I’m working on it haha.  But I hand pick the styles we bring in for the mens wear- names like CK, RL, Kors, DKNY, Jack Victor… but I can see the value in shopping around to make it your own.”   Visit JONATHAN’S 6551 No. 3 Road Richmond Centre. Hey shameless plug or not, it’s SO worth the drive.
IMO this whole concept of a “1 stop shop” will have you looking like a “1 trick pony.” Doesn’t matter how amazing the selection, to get this authentic street vibe, do as this John does… “I shop ALL OVER THE PLACE…”
Frank: Btw where do u shop
Jon: …all over the place, Holts being a big part.  But I love Urban Outfitter on Granville. Even Zara on Robson Street…. Boys Co. dadada
Frank: Excellente
Jon: There is also this hipster place called J2.. it’s like hiphop/skater/trendy.
Frank: Just like you.
Never disregard the power a little (or a sh*tload in Jon’s case) of confidence can do.  It seriously can take you from wall flower to spot-light king in no time.  As my mom always said “Chin up, tummy in, tits out aaaaaand smiiiiiiile!!”
Stay fresh Johns and Bettys!!
~Frank Fierce

Frank’s Pick- Peeps With Steeze

This week’s picks for steezey Vancity kids!! 


Ashely H

  Her style is all about modern construction, clean lines and always quality first.  She is effortless.  Wanna look like her? A great place to start is Aritzia located all over the city-find romantic blouses, modern skirts, boyfriend blazers and basics galor…  and a favorite of mine- One of Few for great bags and those one-of-a- kind pieces that will outlast the test of time. 


King Will

 A Whistler native, Will’s style varies depending on the day; you might see him shredding in bright, 80’s synthpop gear and a few hours later, rocking a tux with a vintage bow-tie, jeans and obvi a neon green toque.  His style is a mix of boy- shredder meets city gentlemen. If Frank was a dude, I’d dress just like him.  Wanna look like him-  Second Wave North Vancouver skate and surf shop and Retro Rock Vintage Clothing on Davie OR Commercial Drive for things your pops wore, like elbow patched blazers ohhhh yaaaa.   

There you have it people 🙂

Note: This is an ongoing series so if you’re fierce enough- you might just end up on my pick list. I’ll be watching (muahahaa ) I kid I kid.. But yah props to you VanCity boys and girls rocking the your own style fiercely- Stay tunned for next weeks picks.

Lots o love people,


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