Nude & Natural

My lazy Sunday turned into a lazy Monday… I’ll just blame it on the rain, yeah yeaaah.
April 2010 Elle Canada kept me preoccupied all afternoon.  There are such inspiring things going on in fashion right now it’s hard to imagine not having your eye pick up on something a shoe, a bag, a dress, that you have hanging in your closet right now.  The great thing about Spring trends is that no matter how innovative designers are, there are undeniable trends that the everyday consumer has loved in the past and will continue to love year after year.  Spring lines that sell well to the masses are typically romantic in theme, feminine visually and un-complicated in construction.      Flipping through the magazines, here’s what I’m loving:
All Things Natural:  Colors: caramel, tawny, tan, bronze, oak, BROWN.  Materials: Wood, cork, leather, meshed fabrics.  

Natural (s)hue- Aldo


All Nude Everything: Colors: nude obvi, off- whites, blush rose, soft greys, silky silvers, sand.  Materials: lux fabrics..Suede.

Wrap Shoes from H&M VanCity


Charts and Graphs: Colors: hmmm I’d say stick to 2 colors like black and white but tie die is in so do watevs! Materials: Also, anything goes; more flattering look is in the fit, in the fit.

Arch shoes from TOPSHOP, NYC

 Unless you suffer from major body fluctuations, chances are you probably have been the roughly the same size as you were a few years ago- which means, chances are you have elements of these lucious seasonal trends sitting in your closet or tucked away in your summer wardrobe box.  In the spirit of the Easter Egg Hunts, treat yourself to your own little couture hunt! hehe You’ll be surprised trust me. 

My purse strings just got a lock and combo put a few days ago..on account of a major Euro trip about a month away!! I’ve been tempted and will continued to be but I must remember all the amazing treasures awaiting me overseas.  The last purchase until my trip were a pair of cat-eye sunnies in a brown speckle print… for $5.60… yaaaa how could I not?! Thank you Mainstreet!  Back to my point: waste not, want not.


~Frank Fierce


Psyhcedelic Spring

Image: A crisp morning, sun thawing away layers of a dreary winter.

Meaning: Reincarnation of past styles is upon us.

Spring is upon us-I know you can feel it too.  Have you noticed how everyday the air seems to heat up just a degree more and that you’ve sported a slightly less Eskimo – esq jacket?? It’s time people.  Turn up the heat, get jacked up cus Spring 2010 is not for the color shy.

–Spring 2010 Trend—

“PSYCHEDELIC Hippie Sisters”

The legendary “Prince of Prints”, Emilio Pucci’s Spring 2010 collection on FTV last night embodied the straight-outta- the 60’s look.  This house was made for this season- literally.  It was founded in Capris in the 60’s so naturally the collection was inspired and effortless.

House of PUCCI Spring 2010


 Everything from the floral arrangements in the hair, the bright wood bangles to the kaleidoscope of prints!  DVF’s collection was a stand out. 

DVF Spring 2010


Versace translated this trend by using modern prints while holding true to their reputation of cutting close to the body- “keep her sexy, keep the clothing sleek.”

Versace Spring 2010


Frank Tips for this trend:

  1. Opt for color
  2. Choose modern prints: animal and geometric
  3. K.I.S.S: Keep it simple & sleek- for all those color-shy, pick 1 piece and incorportate it into your current wardrobe, like a new clutch, blouse or shoes.


Alright fashionistas/istos- Stay fierce


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