TGIF- Greasy Pre-Mix

Laaaalaaaa weekend!!!! Thank God it’s Frank 😉

Ok here’s a little compoLation of musica to play while getting your fierce faces & fresh threads on… This list is sure to get ur staaaaank face warmed up!

Groove Armada- Superstylin

Pheonix- Lisztomania Remix

Lights- Ice Spike Club Remix

Medina- You & I- Deadmau5 Remix



PHOENIX & The Flash Mob- VanCity

It’s twenty seconds till the last call, you’re going hey hey hey hey hey hey!!” 

It took an act of God or some sort of cosmic force to get me to the concert. All the odds were against me- no tickets, was working that night etc etc…  and within an hour, everything lined up perfectly! It took a guy getting called into work to Craigslist his tickets, my guy to spot them then bbm me that “we are going! It’s OUR band how can we not?!” followed by an afternoon of tears, serious TEARS and bribes to get my shift covered…  So yah I was beyond excited!  The night’s anticipation was palpable. 

The city was hyped up unlike anything I’ve experience for a relatively “under-ground” band.  Apparently, the concert was sold out within hours. No surprise considering the huge indie/alternative rock following in Vancouver. On a side note: I’ve never seen soooo many skinny jeans and nerd glasses in my life!! Frank Fierce loved it!! 

Opting for beers over the opening band, we arrived just after 9pm, b-lined to the bar yet again, doubled up and just as we imbibed, Phoenix took flight opening with LISZTOMANIA?! Gotta love a band that starts with one of their biggest singles to date. Heck ya. 


Frank n Phoenix!

 Phoenix Facts: 

-These 7 guys are FRENCH- from the burbs of Versailles and the lead singer formed DAFT PUNK

– They’ve release 3 albums and are Grammy nominated 

-Their 2 singles Lisztomania and 1901 has been downloaded thousands within hours of their release and the song 1901 pays tribute to early Paris. 

Ok back to the concert!!! 


The feeling in the Orphium theatre was pure bliss: Hands in the air, hair flips, eyes closed, lights swirling and the occasional wooooo!!!  I was shocked and impressed at how great their sound was.  I would venture to say that they’re better LIVE.  Yes, that is a bold statement 🙂

The set was back to back hits and then lead singer Thomas Mars thanked the crowd and packed up…. hmmm…. really???!! Keep in mind they hadn’t even played “1901.”  Minutes later, ENCORE TIME- They sang 3 un-plugged songs, one being “RUN RUN”…..  And then…………. FLASH MOB!!!!!  (there’s just not enough ! to get across how f**king unbelievable this was to witness.)  I’ve cried at a handful of concerts and I kid you not when I say that this moment definitely set on a wave of emotions- Euphoric.

“Watch her moving in elliptical patterns /Think it’s not what you say /What you say is way too complicated /For a minute thought I couldn’t tell how to fall out”

Still “wow’d!” Stay fresh people,

~Frankie Frankie Frankie

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