Friday Morning Inspiration from The Queen

Alexander McQueen that is.  This 2.5 minute look at Spring 2010 sent chills down my spine and all the way to my platform-loving feet!!!  Ok so yes the clothing, the patterns blew me away- BUT THE SHOES!!! Now they were the show-stopper in my books. … “Dear Santa, Frank Fierce here… again… scrap my last list… all I want…”

Alexander McQueen-2010 Spring Shoes

Stop laughing boys!!! I know I know, this x-tomboy, soccer playing, sneaker- loving fashionista must be out of her mind… but the middle one isnt THAT high???? Fack it– I LOVE THEM… I’d risk rolling an ancle..or breaking a leg… or better yet, I’d place them in Courtney’s (my roomie) China hutch and admire them from a safe distance lol


Stay fearless people!


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