Nerdbomb Alert! Take Cover!!!

I’m talking about the nerd glasses! A few months ago I picked up a pair.  Got a few snarky remarks from fearful friends but whoa whoa whoa— NOW THEY R EVERYWHERE.  I. Called. it. Now who looks stupid 😛 
A quick look back in history and what do ya know?!  Looks like geek chic specks are reserved for all stars.

I look just like Buddy Holly

 ….then the geek glasses where MIA until the 70’s

Elvis Costello

Marilyn Monroe

 And then Marilyn rocked em! But then again, she could wear a paper bag and still look amazing… Unfortunately, the 80’s were not so kind to SJR.  But hey, she definately DEFINATELY owned this look! 

Sally Jesse Raphael

 And today, celebs are giving Urkel a run for his money lol

Kanye and Steve Urkel


So there you have it my fellow nerdbombs! We’re in gooooood company with the likes of GOK, KANYE, SCARLETTE, JOHNNY, even MADONNA’S spawn LOURDES is getting involved!

My advice- be Klark Kent today- Give Superman the day off wouldja?!

Love, Peace and Geek Pride people,

~Frank Fierce

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