Fit for a Queen

Spotted: (ahaha GG fan right here) no seriously… Spotted:  Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Collection in the latest Lady Gaga masterpiece- BAD ROMANCE. A futuristic take on Russian bath-house…Yah it’s goooooood 🙂 Keep your couture eyes peeled in this video.

Lady Gaga in McQueen

Look Familiar?!  “Walk walk fashion baby..”



Friday Morning Inspiration from The Queen

Alexander McQueen that is.  This 2.5 minute look at Spring 2010 sent chills down my spine and all the way to my platform-loving feet!!!  Ok so yes the clothing, the patterns blew me away- BUT THE SHOES!!! Now they were the show-stopper in my books. … “Dear Santa, Frank Fierce here… again… scrap my last list… all I want…”

Alexander McQueen-2010 Spring Shoes

Stop laughing boys!!! I know I know, this x-tomboy, soccer playing, sneaker- loving fashionista must be out of her mind… but the middle one isnt THAT high???? Fack it– I LOVE THEM… I’d risk rolling an ancle..or breaking a leg… or better yet, I’d place them in Courtney’s (my roomie) China hutch and admire them from a safe distance lol


Stay fearless people!


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