“OMBRE” a fashion poem by FrankFierce

A Fashion Poem by FRANK FIERCE



 Tans FADE


Six- packs SOFTEN





And we change up our HAIR.

From beach BLONDES to cool COPPERS


Let your roots go

and your true colors show

because it is Ombre after all.










Snap Shots From Paris

“Frank, How big is the Eiffel Tower?”



Art or Fart?

Exploting Car


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Spring Cleaning

Okay here’s the scoop—-I’m moving my proverbial WordPress wardrobe to www.frankfierce.com. 

This time has been coming since the day I took my metaphorical baby steps some short 3 months ago.  Just as quickly as we outgrew last summers hottest Industry night location along with the outfit we wore, Frank Fierce has outgrown W.P.  If you’ve been following me, you’re probably just as amazed to see how many people have replied to my cry for help.  This truly speaks volumes to the power of maintaining your network but more importantly, networking with people outside your industry or field of expertise.

Like so many other girls out there suffering from tech-e-litteracy, this simple task to a web master/master-ette causes me some serious stress- induced nightmares!  Thank the man in the clouds! (a little insider from the movie The Invention of Lying.)  

In any event, I am stoked.  My work as a stylist has allowed me to experience the process of having my creative vision fulfilled and I think this project will be just as fulfilling, stressful, exciting and such a learning experience. 

Stay tuned fierce people,

-Frank Fierce


I’ve been holding off from writing about this seeing as though the entire planet (exaaaageration) is… I like going against the grain, but this past week I’ve noticed some serious changes around the city.  Beyond asthetically and infustructure… PEOPLE are getting jacked up! I LOVE IT! Fiiiiinally.  We’re finally embracing the games.  But not everyone is in-the-know about what, where, when, of all the glorious things to do around VanCity- Not to worry peeps, Frank’s here!

Ok people, after hours of research I’ve condensed all you need to enjoy- SERIOUSLY enjoy the Olympics.


So this comes with a bit of a reality check and attitude adjustment.  Yes this city is going to be crazy and yes getting around is gonna be silly times.  Make your peace with it and embrace the chaos!  Lots of you will be working wacky hours etc. and most businesses will be a bit more accomidating at this time, so take advantage-  get your pallies together and start a bit of chaos of your own 🙂


Ok if there is 1 thing to take away from this post, this is it. Have you heard of LIVECITY YALETOWN?  Didn’t think so lol.   David Lam Park will feature a number of top local, Canadian and international entertainers on the stage, plus big-screen Olympic Winter Games sporting coverage, Olympic sponsor and partner pavilions, educational and family programming. Big named performers include: Default, Mother Mother, DJ SPOOKY, MATISYAHU, Alexsisonfire, Mariana’s Trench, SAM ROBERTS, aaaaaaand DEADMAU5…. yaaaa no big deal!!  For full sched http://vancitybuzz.blogspot.com/2010/01/livecity-yaletown-olympics-schedule.html

Ohhh did I mention— This is free? Gosh I love a deal!


Simply put, get to ground zero for fun times! It’s estimated that a few thousand foreignors will be here within the first few DAYS of the games… Imagine all that fresh meat lol So seriously get to Granville, Olympic Village, Gastown, Robson Street- pretty much this is the best time to meat (haha I mean meet) new people that are here to party. 

I know the job of being host/hostess is a thankless job… Ok read between the lines. So really if you don’t have an amazing time during the Olympic games, it’s your fault cus VanCity has done its part. DO YOURS 🙂

Lots o love VanCity,

~Frank Fierce


Movancouver Team Arbitrage Shirts









It’s here! After weeks of stubble the end of Movember is apon us- And what better way to celebrate the $$ raised this month than a paaartaaay! Tonight Fortune Sound Club is having the official MOVEMBER GALA. I’ll be sellin these T’s (if there are any left!) and supporting all my Mo-buddies 🙂 

9 lives

The trick with looking “Vintage Chic” is not forgetting the chic part-

A Frank tip: Enjoy the thrill of riffeling through these unbelievable treasures, but choose pieces you can add with your modern wardrobe.

How to: So I stumbled across a Burberry, calf lengthed skirt!! For $40 bucks?! Sweet Jesus! ok, ok what a deal! Sooooo what should I do? I take it to my tailor on lower Lonsdale and for an extra $25, it goes from figure-skating non-sense to, utilitarian elegance.

“Used” Granville Vintage Store-
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