Bad bad blogger!

My Vida Loca!

“I would normally apologize” for my lack of bluuuuuhhh…. haha sorry just clearing my throat… My lack of journalistic updates BUT I’ll have you know that I’ve been a work machine! Planning, scouting, emails, emails, emails, parties and of course finishing up my last 2 weeks of University! 

So here’s an update quick style:  Friday night I went on a Donnelly Group club tour which was unreal.  The tour was set up for student body executives from SFU, UBC, BCIT and CAP U to tour their clubs (like we need a tour lol) and “build relationships with the student body of these institutions as to facilitate future collaborative events.”  Well whatever the reason, it was a bowl of fun! We went to Granville Room, tour of Cinema the day prior to open, Academic, Pop Opera and of course Republic via limos and loads of drinks to keep the mingling going.  Long story short: I met some amazing people and felt like a rockstar doing it.  See kids, it pays to be a nerdbomb!

Saturday was date night.  Amazing. Nuff said 🙂

Sunday I had a major casting call for VFW runway show.  I was pretty impressed at the turnout! There is less than 3 days left to get this show going and everyone is feeling the pressure especially now with TOP MODEL LINSAY modeling PORSCIA’S designs!!  This experience has been a big deal for me.  I can’t wait for show and the after show mingling!!!

Well I better get back to my enormous “Do” list… I took out the “To” to save time… Also, when making a list, start with the most pressing issue and check off as you go; little victories along the way really help motivating you when it gets to be too too much.


Do people, do!

~Frank Fierce

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