Color Confidence

“Vancity men  This one’s for you!!
Color integration into any wardrobe can be a challenge for the fiercest of the fierce, this I know. But rather than finding yourself in a color rut, I suggest taking this challenge on with a sense of adventure and play. 
Work this Saturday was slow to say the least.  To pass the time, we decided a little game of  “I spy” would be fun.  It wasn’t.  While I do my share of people watching, outfit analysis etc. I never realized how much of a color rut some VanCity’s finest gents are in!! Shame shame double shame. In  fact, a friend came in with his pal visiting from Japan.  After some banter, Tommy asked me to help him shop for some Spring/Summer pieces.  I replied: “We all know you can pull of every shade of blue, green, grey, purples heck I’m sure you rock salmon… it’s pink by the way, call it pink.  You know what really goes well with salmon? A nice squeeze of lemon… or any citrus fruit for that matter. How about burnt orange? Or blood orange?”   I walked away knowing full well I had managed to confuse at least 4/5 fellows at that table.  Satisfied temporarily at having stumped them, I have now decided to reveal what will be this Spring/Summer color to conquer– CITRUS CITY.
If you have light to medium skin/hair, richer shades of citrus colors are best. Stick to simple patterns that don’t enter a room before you do.  The lighter you go, you run the risk of washing yourself out- which in guys terms means your hair/skin tones will match too much with that of the shirt, giving you a mono-tone appearance… Not good. 
Slightly tanned, to darker complections- you can play around a bit more with shades in terms of pastels and bolder patterns.
Citrus City 101

Burnt Orange

Color: Burnt Orange

Color: Burnt Orange


Canary Yellow

Color: Canary Yellow

Color: Canary Yellow- subtle

Need a personal color-consult? Let me know!
Stay fresh gents,
-Frank Fierce
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