Where to ring in 2010?

Heyoooo party people!

If you’re anything like me, you already know what your wearing tomorrow night… in fact, you’ve had this outfit picked out for quite sometime.  Now all that’s left is figuring out WHERE to wear it!

Unlike last year- people have been slow to pull the trigger on NYE tickets.  Friends have said that it’s because “New Years isn’t that big of a deal this year” “tickets are too expensive” “no one knows what they’re doing” “I’ll probably have people over,” etc etc etc.

So if any of these sounds like something you’ve said- cool noooo probs.  This post will give you a quick look at some of VanCity’s NYE fiesta’s- Tickets still available- deals on them still to be had 😉

In no particular order:

1) Party at the Library

Calling all book worms and sexy librarians! This NYE bash is definately out-of-the-box. Located in the heart of of downtown on Robson and Homer street, this landmark Romanesque concorse and moon-lit ambiance will provide a unique and stylish backdrop for the night’s festivities.  For invitations and tix call Jonathan Jassebi 778-883-8667

2) Masquerade @ Circa Resto/Lounge

NYE Party- Masks on @ Circa

 Circa is one of my favorite spaces. With its lofty high ceilings and arch-ways, 2 levels and romantic-edgy decore, it’s no surprise a Masaquerade theme was chosen. It’s a perfect fit! On a side note, there’s something uber sexy about mask’d men IMO.  Tickets still available at http://clubzone.com

 3) The End of the Raj @ Ginger 62

The End of The Raj @ Ginger 62

I’m always down to dress up! Dress like Indian royalty and be treated as such.  What court would be complete without the royal performers… this special evening will feature contortionists and manipulations by performers from Inner Ring, the hypnotic undulations of the ever-alluring Harem Dancers, and special Indian Royalty inspired performances by some of the city’s finest burlesque performers. Wow sounds amazing. Tickets still available at http://www.clubzone.com/events/Vancouver/174811/NYE-2010-High-Society-presents-The-End-of-the-Raj

 I did some research on events without tickets and they all seem to be resturantes such as Cactus Club @ Bental location,  Browns, Opus Bar, The Cellar, Lux At Caprice, The Lamplighter, Vanilla Room, SIP and a few others.   All these places don’t require tickets and will probably be just as much fun if you round up your pals and let loose!

So when making your choice, I suggest you consider

1) Are you going in a group + 5?  (pick a no ticket place)

2) Do you want to stay in one place all night? (pick a ticket place)

3) Do you want ambiance, decore, costumes, service, luxury? (pick a ticket place)

4) Do you want to dress up? (pick a ticket place)

5) Do you want to pick up? (either or! just bring your game)

AND REMEMBER- either way, your fucked by our cabs, so choose wisely and plan on staying downtown till the weeee hours of Jan 1 2010. 

Stay fierce people!!


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