“All that Glitters IS NOT Gold”

“All that glitters is not globe.. I mean GOLD… What I mean is, all that glitters IS NOT Golden Globe worthy.”

I’m talking about some serious mis- steps here on the Golden Globe fashion front.  Yes, there was plenty of outstanding ensembles worn by Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, Zoe Saldana and Drew Berrymore.  These fashionista’s have a near flawless track record IMO and to be Frank, they’re getting plenty of media coverage as it is. 

 SO, enough of the goods! Let’s chat about the eye-sores of the evening.. (eye-sores?? To harsh?? You be the judge.)

The first fashion PhoPaaa is by non other than Jennifer Lopez… I say recycle EVERYTHING but when it comes to BIG awards & galas, don’t get caught wearing the same thing twice! Jennifer you know better!  By all means, wear what you love, just maybe not back to back years at the same event… hold off for a few years and call it a “vintage piece.” lol 

Next on the chopping block is Miss Heidi Klum..  it would seem she wore 2 outfits?? This black, lack-luster party dress and a baby blue gown.. Both were serious no-no’s!  Why?? It’s simple.  We expect more from her. Plain and simple. But we don’t want plain and simple from her we want drama, we want to gasp, ooo and aaaa at her NOT YAWN.

Alright, moving right along.  Blake Lively. Also a huge yawn fest. For me, this look is played played played out.  It’s great to have your own personal style but common girly, it’s too early in your career to pigeon hole yourself in a proverbial fashion box.  Be fearless, take a risk!

Next is Marisa Tomei trying out for the next Pirates of the Caribbean. Nuff said.

Lastly on the chopping block is Renee Zellweger in a bad bad bad up-do straight outta my 2004 prom photos.  Sweet lord!  I know sheer fabrics and detailing are on the fashion horizon but this demonstration of it is just wrong! Who in their right mind would sport a see-through top INTENTIONALLY to an awards ceremony with a granny-nude bra underneath.  On the brightside, at least this horrid top distracts the eye from the clam-shapped mermaid skirt.  How she scooted across the red carpet without falling over I’ll never know…

Worst Dressed of Golden Globes 2010

So these ladies have some homework to do (or at least fire their stylists)… but compared to this next fashion flopp.. well… let’s just say they coulda done worse!!!

Tina Fey... At least she's talented?

Ok so God doesn’t give with both hands right? Right.  Not to say that Tina Fey isn’t an attractive, top-notch writer and hilarious actress.. but she can’t dress herself AT ALL.  Either her stylist is a dud or she’s doing her own shopping.. either way, somethings gotta give!  It’s a pity  too because this is all anyone talks about when she’s mentioned. Despite her nomination for Best Actress in TV series for her work in 30 Rock. Yes, that is the world we live in so all you huffing about how cruel life is that people judge a book by its cover, get a grip and play your cards right. Instead of giving the critics more ammo, dress to the occasion!

Now, I’m not saying that fashion is “serious” business and one shouldn’t have fun with their clothing, but there’s a certain elegance and appropriateness that needs to be considered when dressing for these types of events.  I’d love to see her in something a little less costume-e and more elegant.

Dear Style Gods, if you’re listening, please send Tina Fey an Oscar De La Renta dress for her next awards show…. Something like this….

An Oscar dress for Tina Fey

Am I right?!

Big Congrats to some of my favs: Up in the Air- Best Screen Play, Alec Baldwin- 30 Rock Best Actor, Madmen for Best TV Drama, Christopher Waltz win Best Supporting Actor for Inglorious Bastards, James Cameron won Best Director for Avatar aaaaaand  Sandy Bullock for Blind Side!!


Stay fierce, happy Monday people!

~Frank Fierce


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