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Vancouver Fashion Wave


“Does anyone have a lint roller? Sweet fashion Gods… ANYONE?!”


Despite my pre-planning and waking up at 8am for a 2pm call time, I managed to forget a lint roller. Seriously.. what kind of stylists leaves home without a lint roller?!  Designer Drew Williams saved my backside! 

The back stage scene was pretty organized when you take into consideration how many models, hair and makeup, photographers, designers all had to squeeze into this room.  Within 4 hours, I’m pretty sure I inhaled the equivalent to a full bottle of hairspray which may have something to do with how scatter brained I felt. Here are some more backstage pics thanks to shutterdreams for the pics!

Ponytail Pain

The look on the girls faces say it all! They had these enormous ponytails held in place with industrial hair ties, followed by close to 30 minutes of back teasing, hairspray and after all that, I sadly had to say … “Girls, those tails are not high enough..” and they’d redo.  This is why people say pain is beauty!  I am so proud of my hair team!!

Porscia's Girls

Little Miss Perfectionist

Linsay, Alisha and Porscia

This weekend was such a rollercoaster of highs and lows.  It’s a cliché metaphor I know but it was definately a ride.  I have a love-hate relationship with rollercoasters.  Not many people believe me when I tell them how my nerves always get the best of me to the point where after every dance competition (waaaay back when) I was known for throwing up seconds after a performance due to the overwhelming surge of nerves and excitement. “Hahaha no no no I’m fine! Happens all the time!!”  No joke.  Same thing goes for rollercoasters.  The funny thing is, I’d be first cutting the line and sitting in the front minutes later.

I felt that same anxious excitement during my interview backstage and again watching the girls strut on the catwalk.  The past weeks for a few minutes.. it’s an interesting concept.  Over in a camera flash, I raced backstage with Jenna Zedel my partner in crime, changed into a fierce outfit, business cards in hand I made my way through the crowds mingling mingling mingling!!

Bianca, Jenna Zedel, Moi

Today is all about re-connecting with the people I met, sending out thank-u emails and following up with my team.  This last step in networking, I find is often forgotten and probably the most crucial. 

 To make my point, consider this: I snagged a handful of cards that represent my future business relationships. I have but a few days to remind them of who I am and why they gave me their card and asked for mine.  That’s a big deal if you consider that to make it in this industry, it’s so much more about WHO YOU KNOW than what you know.  Don’t believe me?  Try it.

Also, I have a major crush on a designer… I will reveal in due time 🙂

Ride the wave people,

~Frank Fierce

Bad bad blogger!

My Vida Loca!

“I would normally apologize” for my lack of bluuuuuhhh…. haha sorry just clearing my throat… My lack of journalistic updates BUT I’ll have you know that I’ve been a work machine! Planning, scouting, emails, emails, emails, parties and of course finishing up my last 2 weeks of University! 

So here’s an update quick style:  Friday night I went on a Donnelly Group club tour which was unreal.  The tour was set up for student body executives from SFU, UBC, BCIT and CAP U to tour their clubs (like we need a tour lol) and “build relationships with the student body of these institutions as to facilitate future collaborative events.”  Well whatever the reason, it was a bowl of fun! We went to Granville Room, tour of Cinema the day prior to open, Academic, Pop Opera and of course Republic via limos and loads of drinks to keep the mingling going.  Long story short: I met some amazing people and felt like a rockstar doing it.  See kids, it pays to be a nerdbomb!

Saturday was date night.  Amazing. Nuff said 🙂

Sunday I had a major casting call for VFW runway show.  I was pretty impressed at the turnout! There is less than 3 days left to get this show going and everyone is feeling the pressure especially now with TOP MODEL LINSAY modeling PORSCIA’S designs!!  This experience has been a big deal for me.  I can’t wait for show and the after show mingling!!!

Well I better get back to my enormous “Do” list… I took out the “To” to save time… Also, when making a list, start with the most pressing issue and check off as you go; little victories along the way really help motivating you when it gets to be too too much.


Do people, do!

~Frank Fierce


I’ve been holding off from writing about this seeing as though the entire planet (exaaaageration) is… I like going against the grain, but this past week I’ve noticed some serious changes around the city.  Beyond asthetically and infustructure… PEOPLE are getting jacked up! I LOVE IT! Fiiiiinally.  We’re finally embracing the games.  But not everyone is in-the-know about what, where, when, of all the glorious things to do around VanCity- Not to worry peeps, Frank’s here!

Ok people, after hours of research I’ve condensed all you need to enjoy- SERIOUSLY enjoy the Olympics.


So this comes with a bit of a reality check and attitude adjustment.  Yes this city is going to be crazy and yes getting around is gonna be silly times.  Make your peace with it and embrace the chaos!  Lots of you will be working wacky hours etc. and most businesses will be a bit more accomidating at this time, so take advantage-  get your pallies together and start a bit of chaos of your own 🙂


Ok if there is 1 thing to take away from this post, this is it. Have you heard of LIVECITY YALETOWN?  Didn’t think so lol.   David Lam Park will feature a number of top local, Canadian and international entertainers on the stage, plus big-screen Olympic Winter Games sporting coverage, Olympic sponsor and partner pavilions, educational and family programming. Big named performers include: Default, Mother Mother, DJ SPOOKY, MATISYAHU, Alexsisonfire, Mariana’s Trench, SAM ROBERTS, aaaaaaand DEADMAU5…. yaaaa no big deal!!  For full sched

Ohhh did I mention— This is free? Gosh I love a deal!


Simply put, get to ground zero for fun times! It’s estimated that a few thousand foreignors will be here within the first few DAYS of the games… Imagine all that fresh meat lol So seriously get to Granville, Olympic Village, Gastown, Robson Street- pretty much this is the best time to meat (haha I mean meet) new people that are here to party. 

I know the job of being host/hostess is a thankless job… Ok read between the lines. So really if you don’t have an amazing time during the Olympic games, it’s your fault cus VanCity has done its part. DO YOURS 🙂

Lots o love VanCity,

~Frank Fierce

PHOENIX & The Flash Mob- VanCity

It’s twenty seconds till the last call, you’re going hey hey hey hey hey hey!!” 

It took an act of God or some sort of cosmic force to get me to the concert. All the odds were against me- no tickets, was working that night etc etc…  and within an hour, everything lined up perfectly! It took a guy getting called into work to Craigslist his tickets, my guy to spot them then bbm me that “we are going! It’s OUR band how can we not?!” followed by an afternoon of tears, serious TEARS and bribes to get my shift covered…  So yah I was beyond excited!  The night’s anticipation was palpable. 

The city was hyped up unlike anything I’ve experience for a relatively “under-ground” band.  Apparently, the concert was sold out within hours. No surprise considering the huge indie/alternative rock following in Vancouver. On a side note: I’ve never seen soooo many skinny jeans and nerd glasses in my life!! Frank Fierce loved it!! 

Opting for beers over the opening band, we arrived just after 9pm, b-lined to the bar yet again, doubled up and just as we imbibed, Phoenix took flight opening with LISZTOMANIA?! Gotta love a band that starts with one of their biggest singles to date. Heck ya. 


Frank n Phoenix!

 Phoenix Facts: 

-These 7 guys are FRENCH- from the burbs of Versailles and the lead singer formed DAFT PUNK

– They’ve release 3 albums and are Grammy nominated 

-Their 2 singles Lisztomania and 1901 has been downloaded thousands within hours of their release and the song 1901 pays tribute to early Paris. 

Ok back to the concert!!! 


The feeling in the Orphium theatre was pure bliss: Hands in the air, hair flips, eyes closed, lights swirling and the occasional wooooo!!!  I was shocked and impressed at how great their sound was.  I would venture to say that they’re better LIVE.  Yes, that is a bold statement 🙂

The set was back to back hits and then lead singer Thomas Mars thanked the crowd and packed up…. hmmm…. really???!! Keep in mind they hadn’t even played “1901.”  Minutes later, ENCORE TIME- They sang 3 un-plugged songs, one being “RUN RUN”…..  And then…………. FLASH MOB!!!!!  (there’s just not enough ! to get across how f**king unbelievable this was to witness.)  I’ve cried at a handful of concerts and I kid you not when I say that this moment definitely set on a wave of emotions- Euphoric.

“Watch her moving in elliptical patterns /Think it’s not what you say /What you say is way too complicated /For a minute thought I couldn’t tell how to fall out”

Still “wow’d!” Stay fresh people,

~Frankie Frankie Frankie

“The Bee’s Knee’s Fashion Show” Review

“Calling all Daddies and Dames! Escape into the dark side of the 1920’s at the Speakeasy Fashion Show Party..” And boy oh boy did they deliver!

Mar BCITMA board member

A super last minute invite from a fashionisto, and we made our way to Granville’s Republic Club.  By 9pm the joint was packed, atmosphere hyped up and the crowd buzzing with anticipation.

To my surprise, the crowd was a  mix  of BCIT, UBC and CapU students.  The $10 tix gave us a bird’s-eye view, 2 cocktails and 2 shooters.  Now these guys know how to get a crowd in the mood for a stellar night. Definitely No Prohibition!

Promptly at 9:35pm the lights dimmed, Ella Fitzgerald filled the room and the show began- STRONG.  The first model captivated every single person in the club!!

Show Opener

This pic doesn’t do it justice- but take it from me, this was a stunner!  What a great take on the LBD (little black dress); Sequined, one shoulder, A-lined finish (all very typical of the era) but with the added fuchsia flounce!! SHUT UP. Talk about a balance between inspired and not trying to re-invent the wheel… haha like adding spinners to the wheel.

These next gowns took the glam factor up a notch with intricate bust-line detailing, lux satin fabric and lovely lady hats. (aheeeeem people… 2010 year of the hat!!)

Emerald Madam

Black & Butterscotch Gown

A quick song change initiated the next wave of garments.  This collection took us through the closet of the modern-day flapper.  The bright colors and use of nude underlay gave the impression of barely there frocks that were topped off perfectly with pin curls and feathered head bands- all to the sounds of Chicago’s “And all that Jazz.”

Flapper Girl

The finale was by far my fav.  All the standout garments made their way out for one last applause and snap shots from the string of paparazzi. This image left a strong impression of a well thought out theme that was executed flawlessly.  It was fun, bright, sexy and glamorous.  As a whole, it was costume-e, but with a little vision, pieces from all collections could easily EASILY be worn everyday.  The show left me wanting more.

The designers (as listed on the invite) were Emily Heaps (Kwantlen), Meagan Squire (Kwantlen), Annching Wang (BCIT), Karsten Ergetowski (Kwantlen), JYstar Apparel, Damsel in Dis Dress, Dream, True Value Vintage Clothing. BCITMA did a fantastic job not only organizing this event, but creating an event that showcased Vancouver’s up & coming designers and models.  This city may be small in comparsion to fashion capitals like NYC, London and Toronto but we are definately NOT void of talent and vision.

On a side note: I’ve just been invited to the year end show in April and I can’t wait 🙂

Fierceness witnessed!! I am inspired. Bravo.

~Frank Fierce

Where to ring in 2010?

Heyoooo party people!

If you’re anything like me, you already know what your wearing tomorrow night… in fact, you’ve had this outfit picked out for quite sometime.  Now all that’s left is figuring out WHERE to wear it!

Unlike last year- people have been slow to pull the trigger on NYE tickets.  Friends have said that it’s because “New Years isn’t that big of a deal this year” “tickets are too expensive” “no one knows what they’re doing” “I’ll probably have people over,” etc etc etc.

So if any of these sounds like something you’ve said- cool noooo probs.  This post will give you a quick look at some of VanCity’s NYE fiesta’s- Tickets still available- deals on them still to be had 😉

In no particular order:

1) Party at the Library

Calling all book worms and sexy librarians! This NYE bash is definately out-of-the-box. Located in the heart of of downtown on Robson and Homer street, this landmark Romanesque concorse and moon-lit ambiance will provide a unique and stylish backdrop for the night’s festivities.  For invitations and tix call Jonathan Jassebi 778-883-8667

2) Masquerade @ Circa Resto/Lounge

NYE Party- Masks on @ Circa

 Circa is one of my favorite spaces. With its lofty high ceilings and arch-ways, 2 levels and romantic-edgy decore, it’s no surprise a Masaquerade theme was chosen. It’s a perfect fit! On a side note, there’s something uber sexy about mask’d men IMO.  Tickets still available at

 3) The End of the Raj @ Ginger 62

The End of The Raj @ Ginger 62

I’m always down to dress up! Dress like Indian royalty and be treated as such.  What court would be complete without the royal performers… this special evening will feature contortionists and manipulations by performers from Inner Ring, the hypnotic undulations of the ever-alluring Harem Dancers, and special Indian Royalty inspired performances by some of the city’s finest burlesque performers. Wow sounds amazing. Tickets still available at

 I did some research on events without tickets and they all seem to be resturantes such as Cactus Club @ Bental location,  Browns, Opus Bar, The Cellar, Lux At Caprice, The Lamplighter, Vanilla Room, SIP and a few others.   All these places don’t require tickets and will probably be just as much fun if you round up your pals and let loose!

So when making your choice, I suggest you consider

1) Are you going in a group + 5?  (pick a no ticket place)

2) Do you want to stay in one place all night? (pick a ticket place)

3) Do you want ambiance, decore, costumes, service, luxury? (pick a ticket place)

4) Do you want to dress up? (pick a ticket place)

5) Do you want to pick up? (either or! just bring your game)

AND REMEMBER- either way, your fucked by our cabs, so choose wisely and plan on staying downtown till the weeee hours of Jan 1 2010. 

Stay fierce people!!


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