Nailed it!

If Lady Gaga’s meat dress is the new black, then finger nails are the new accessory.

From OPI, ESSE to YSL, creative manicures are the new big thing.

The trend is 2 toned.  Here’s the “how to”:

 1)Pick 2 complimentary colors, I really like having one color be a metallic which I find works well with most outfits.  

2) File down those claws and apply the polish.


ROCK & BAROQUE by YSL came out with an entire line of nail polish geared towards the 2 tone trend!

Also note that we’ve move away from the square tipped shaped to more of a rounded, almost egg like nail shape. Classy!

My advice- rip off those horrible, plastic cat claws and opt for suttle length, choose a fall color (deep red, chocolate brown, navy blue, dark greenchoose a metallic (gold or silver) and try the 2 tone style! 

You’ll thank me later 😉

~Frank Fierce


“OMBRE” a fashion poem by FrankFierce

A Fashion Poem by FRANK FIERCE



 Tans FADE


Six- packs SOFTEN





And we change up our HAIR.

From beach BLONDES to cool COPPERS


Let your roots go

and your true colors show

because it is Ombre after all.









Military Chick is Chic

Designers are once again using global issues and current events as sources of inspiration.  This fall/winter 2010 socio-political steeze is turning up on catwalks and my closet into a MILITARY MESS!


From BURBERRY to H&M, going GREEN means more than eco-friendly fabrics, recycling or being socially responsible…

The trick to this look is once again NOT doing the military chick look head to toe, unless you’re going for the GI Jane/ Laura Croft look (if so..STOP.)

GREEN Must buys:

-A badass studded jacket

-A badass studded boot/heal/wedge (whatever your steeze)

-A badass comfy cardi/whoolie/hoodie (diddo)


-a pretty, soft, pastel, nude blouse

-all black anything (K.I.S.S)

-metalics… but only 1 piece!

-duh denim


Peace not war,

~Frank Fierce







Ladies watch yourselves.

If accessories are known as “statement pieces” then consider what your watch says about you…


If you’re an Ashley Olsen type- this watch is for you. It’s a MICHAEL KORS soft gold watch.  It says: “I’m sophisticated, high maintenance and trendy… but not the kind of trendy that I don’t wash my hair everyday.” 

If you’re a Whitney Port type, this watch (probably his watch) is for you.  It says “I’m trendy, love a good vintage piece and can rock the boyfriend look.. great watch hubby, CAN I BORROW IT?!”


I personally own one type of each because lets face it, I’m a style comeleon as most fashionistas are.  I predict that fall/winter 2010 will be the season for watches…especially the WHITE WATCH.  Like the white tiger of Asia, the WHITE WATCH says “I’m a rare and illusive creature.. a hybrid of classic sophistication and trendy.”


Much Love,

~Frank Fierce





Every Parisian Girl’s Favorite Guy

Two words…. “Jerome Dreyfuss.”

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From London, With Love

Primark, Phone box, Straw Hat

 When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  When in London, get yourself to PRIMARK right quick. Continue reading

First comes Flare, Second comes Skinny.

Hippie Summer

“This summer is all about the flared jean… First comes flare, second comes skinny!” 

Bebe wedges, 7 jeans, American Eagle sweater, Guess bomber jacket, ARC shades 

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