Nailed it!

If Lady Gaga’s meat dress is the new black, then finger nails are the new accessory.

From OPI, ESSE to YSL, creative manicures are the new big thing.

The trend is 2 toned.  Here’s the “how to”:

 1)Pick 2 complimentary colors, I really like having one color be a metallic which I find works well with most outfits.  

2) File down those claws and apply the polish.


ROCK & BAROQUE by YSL came out with an entire line of nail polish geared towards the 2 tone trend!

Also note that we’ve move away from the square tipped shaped to more of a rounded, almost egg like nail shape. Classy!

My advice- rip off those horrible, plastic cat claws and opt for suttle length, choose a fall color (deep red, chocolate brown, navy blue, dark greenchoose a metallic (gold or silver) and try the 2 tone style! 

You’ll thank me later 😉

~Frank Fierce


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  1. acrylic nail polish are the best stuff that you can use when polishing your nails`-.

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