Ladies watch yourselves.

If accessories are known as “statement pieces” then consider what your watch says about you…


If you’re an Ashley Olsen type- this watch is for you. It’s a MICHAEL KORS soft gold watch.  It says: “I’m sophisticated, high maintenance and trendy… but not the kind of trendy that I don’t wash my hair everyday.” 

If you’re a Whitney Port type, this watch (probably his watch) is for you.  It says “I’m trendy, love a good vintage piece and can rock the boyfriend look.. great watch hubby, CAN I BORROW IT?!”


I personally own one type of each because lets face it, I’m a style comeleon as most fashionistas are.  I predict that fall/winter 2010 will be the season for watches…especially the WHITE WATCH.  Like the white tiger of Asia, the WHITE WATCH says “I’m a rare and illusive creature.. a hybrid of classic sophistication and trendy.”


Much Love,

~Frank Fierce






One Response

  1. Hmmm interesting! I am currently musing whitney in the watch stakes, but i have to get myself a rolex style one soon!

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