Every Parisian Girl’s Favorite Guy

Two words…. “Jerome Dreyfuss.”

Everyone knows that the fashion capitals of the world are Paris, Milan and London.  Having recently traveled to all three, it was interesting to see how each city has its own visual vibe and aesthetic.  I could almost describe it as a tempo that everyone moves to while wearing very patriotic labels. 

From my consumer POV,  downtown Paris has a very cohesive chic-ness on top of the cool street style. TRES CHIC.  The most impressive part is that it’s not just the fashionistas that are in the know…

3 Parisian fashionistas in particular gave me the scoop on their favorite guy… he’s cute, a fashion “bad-boy” and he designs the coolest bags!!  CHECK OUT Jerome Drefuss WEBSITE .  I  love this website.  This line is so focused.  The designer has a clear vision with each piece that is offered in various colors which also have clever names… They even have a FRANKY bag which I love, but  I also love the LUCIEN bag because it has a detachable clutch which is ideal for post work cocktails… Just coat check the day bag and keep the clutch.

The perfect handbag hybrid of style and practicality.  Handbag heaven IMO.  Enjoy!!




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