From London, With Love

Primark, Phone box, Straw Hat

 When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  When in London, get yourself to PRIMARK right quick.

To kick off my Euro trip, we spent a few days in London around the very posh Notting Hill area.  We spent the first day shopping through Portobello Road  which is roughly 30 city blocks of  boutique shops like Sienna Miller’s TwentyTwelve , second-hand, street performers and vintage!!

Portobello Road, London


Jewls jewls jewls

Portobello Road, vintage and flea markets are so well known, the Parisian fashionistas make the 2 hour, $110 train ride from Paris to spend a few hours shopping their faces off.  The trick is to have a trained eye to spot the real jewls from the plastics.

From London, with Love

 boots: Aldo

leggings: Primark

dress: Primark

cardigan: vintage Elizabeth Arden

boho bag: Primark

check out the bus full of London boys.

 lots of love from London,

~Frank Fierce


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