Art or Fart?

Exploting Car


You tell me!  Last weekend while in Seattle aka Vancouver of USA, I spent some time taking in “art” or perhaps it was “fart.”  Nevertheless, whatever I was taking in, it at least stimulated a reaction- good or smelly.

So the picture above is a car instillation with attractive lights inserted in various angles to create an image that resembles a supernova.  At least that’s what  I think.  The artist might disagree and say “no chick, it’s a car… with glow sticks from a rave I went to last week.”

This same car was parked in the entrance of this show room.   At first glance I thought… well that’s not supposed to be there.  Then I quickly realized that it was and unimpressed I proceeded to rip into the fact that “some jackass thinks this is art?! Pff are you kidding me? It’s a car. Parked in a lobby.  Some stoner probably thought this is a car wash.  Such fart.”

The moral of this is to make something “art” add glow sticks??? Pff such fart.

~Frank Fierce


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