“What Would Jeanne Beker Do?”  Well,  she would introduce herself, ask about the outfit and descover the reason for the red…


Her name is Kim Bowie.  The reason for the red, the red hair, is far beyond what I expected.  By simply commenting on my personal wish to adorn myself with a rouje crown, Kim told me her story.   On May 15, the Vancouver / Lower Mainland Chapter, in tandem with BrandFX and Suki’s Hair Salons is launching the first fundraising event under the recently created “Reddy for a Cure” project designed to honour and carry on the legacy of Eva Markvoort and raise money and awareness about Cystic Fibrosis. 

For me, hearing this story reminded me of how fashion has played a major role in so many Vancouver events that support charities and worthy causes.  So inspiring! And what a great reason to do something to your look you’ve always wanted to but could never talk yourself into lol… hmm.. Frank Fierce a redhead??

Anyways, to get involved visit here.

“No acts of kindness, however small, is wasted.” ~Aesop 

~Frank Fierce





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