First comes Flare, Second comes Skinny.

Hippie Summer

“This summer is all about the flared jean… First comes flare, second comes skinny!” 

Bebe wedges, 7 jeans, American Eagle sweater, Guess bomber jacket, ARC shades 


So I’ve decided that although I love the skinny jean, I think it’s time to start a new love affair… a summer fling with all things 70’s especially the flared, bell bottom jean!! 

I did a little research and did you know that Channel made the bell-bottom jean the huge trend it was in the 70’s?!  Yaaaa another major fashion achievement for a house that has been around for decades and has been on the cusp of what’s in time after time. 

Katie Holmes in Bell Bottoms

The great thing about this silhouette is that by flaring out at the bottom, it automatically will make your waistline that much smaller especially if you pair it with a form-fitting top or jacket.  Plus plus plus, I love the fact that I can wear my enormous wedges and who doesn’t like to add a few inches to their stature?! 

Victoria Beck in bellbottoms

If your going for a more hippy look, pair these jeans with a blouse with small flower budds which are in every store in Vancouver (H&M, Zara, Guess and Bebe), add lots of long necklaces, big cocktail rings, bangles and big big big sunnies.  If your look is more sleek, I would do these jeans in a dark wash, pair with a one color blouse in a nude or blush rose and a linen jacket.

My favs with this look

Mexican bangles, Vivid Sunnies, Vinatge silver cocktail ring.

Peace y’all.

~Frank Fierce


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