Man enough?

Too soon for “womans inspired menswear?” 

Since the days of Audrey Hepburn, Annie Hall and Amelia Earhart we’ve seen countless outfits inspired by well constructed and chic menswear.  I’m referring to the trouser pant, the classic white dress shirt and of course the blazer which is better known now as “the boyfriend blazer.”  While clicking through archives of The SartorialistI stumbled upon a post entitled: “ARE WE READY TO DISCUS SKIRT LENGTHS FOR MEN” 


Chuck Bass in a skirt


Ready or not, here they come! 

photo by The Sartorialist

David Beckham in a sarong

I really think David Beckham was onto something way back in the 90’s with this look!!  

But in all seriousness, the more I’ve been googling “men in kilts, skirts, celebrities in woman’s wear..” the more I realize that this trend is going far beyond just sporting a kilt to a red-carpet event as a means of making tomorrow’s headlines.  The fact of the matter is, men are now borrowing from woman’s wear the same way Audrey and Annie borrowed from their bf’s. 

Designer Adrian Wu "she inspired shoes"

IMO, I think the general public will react the same way they did when Gabrielle Coco Chanel first wore a pair of mens trousers…but without fashion pioneers wearing what they want and in the process, challenging the masses perception of beauty, style and sexyness, just think of where still be.  

Are you man enough???? 

~Frank Fierce


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