2010- The Year of the Hat

The beginning of each year brings about a certain inversion of perspective.  It’s a time where most (myself included) take the time to reflect and digest.  

We evaluate the year gone by, habits good and bad, decisions made or avoided, goals not met or even made for that matter.  Some like to call it “resolutions” while others claim to  “Like, I don’t need the beginning of a year to make goals; I make them irregardless all year-round.” mmmhmm Whatever your resolution habbits may be, it seems the whole world- businesses, fashion trends etc. takes this time to turn over a new leaf, shed the layers of the year gone by and start over- heck even mother nature is doing it.. a little thing we like to call Spring.  According to the Chinese Zodiac sign, 2010 is the year of the Tiger.

According to me, this year in fashion is the year of the Hat.  That’s right.  The year of the Hat/ Chapeaux for all you Frenchies. (whom I love lol)  I’m putting it out there, risking being wrong and saying on record that Spring 2010 will be Hat heaven. Yipppie!!! Here’s a sneak peek at this head-turning trend!! 

Isaac Mizrahi NYC Spring 2010

 This look speaks of a young lady; traveled, educated, romantic and sophisticated. The collection featured a not-so-new take on the mini skirt.  Why fix something that aint broke!! We’ve seen this skirt before, which means lots of us ladies can pull this look off without re-inventing our spring wardrobes 🙂 Just top this look off with the perfect men’s inspired hat for that added Je ne sais quoi.  This one’s a mild-medium in the fearless-fashion scale IMO

Lady Gaga- The evening Hat

 This take on the hat is definitely for the bad-ass biatch in all of us. Lady Gaga rocked this number in the video Bad Romance and let it be noted that although I dig this look, it’s not for everyone or for every occasion.  This one’s definitely a medium-hot on the fearless-fashion scale! Be brave!!

For all you less fearless fashionistas/istos, this super mild trend is one we’ve seen a bunch last summer.  If you thought the Fedora was a fleeting trend, think again, and add this number to your wardrobe- Trust me, you’ll get your money’s worth especially if you pick one up at your local vintage store for half the price of a new one.

Celebrity Fedora 2009-2010

Incorporating this trend into your evening wardrobe is easier than you think! On the mild fearless-fashion scale, Frank suggests updating that tired hairband!! Try this on for size.

Hairband of 2010

This little number is from WetSeal but already I’ve seen similar ones in a few accessory shops around town.  TBF (to be frank) this isn’t a far cry from the feathered hair-bands we’ve rocked recently. Ditch that Blair Waldorf one for now.  It’s fun and definitely makes the party hat obsolete. 

 Fashion tips and trend- setting aside, self-reflection is super important.  Beyond how much fun the summer was or what travelling plans you’re looking forward to in the upcoming months, consider the little changes, the small feats and big victories of 2009.  Take a moment and recognize the possibilities of leveraging all those moments into something even bigger, even better this next year!  This year is the year 🙂 

Stay fearless people, 



One Response

  1. I hope you’re right, successfully rocking a hat requires a lot of confidence, and there are few things sexier than a fashionable, confident woman.
    For the less attractive sex, though: do you anticipate the same trend? Men typically trail women by a season or two before incorporating trends, i.e. Big sunnies, intense colors, yoga wear. If so, shall I be looking to dust off grandpa’s vintage fedora or will we be looking at more cutting-edge cranium covers?

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